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 Multiverse Wiki

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PostSubject: Multiverse Wiki   Thu 4 Aug - 3:50

Hello all,

I was looking on the Wiki today, and realised that it is a bit out of date..
To those who are experienced in Multiverse, or in any aspect of developing that concerns Multiverse (e.g. Python-related issues), why not head over there and add your insight, and just generally ensure that it's up to date and understandable?

I have personally done some work to it, mainly the discussion sections of each page. It seems our advertising 'friends' from the Old Forum have latched onto it as well, as the discussion sections are littered with pornography and hair straightener adverts (why do they always do hair straighteners? Who knows?)
I've cleaned up a few, but if you seen any similar pieces, please do not hesitate to remove them - they're a real pain, and are just unnecessary.

The link is on the main navigation bar of this forum (under Wiki)

Alternatively, if you can't find it for some reason, here's a link: Multiverse Wiki



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Multiverse Wiki
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