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 [Pascal Luban, Gamasutra] "The Design of Free-To-Play Games"

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PostSubject: [Pascal Luban, Gamasutra] "The Design of Free-To-Play Games"   Thu 19 Jan - 3:19

Was flicking around on Gamasutra for some interesting articles, and came across this 2-part Feature by Pascal Luban, who writes a lot about Online Games.

As the title says, it talks about the overall design of Free-To-Play (or F2P) onlines games, that a lot of studios are now beginning to implement into their games. Some famous examples include Battlefield 2, Star Trek Online, and Lord of the Rings Online.
It's a very interesting article, and I highly recommend reading it!

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

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[Pascal Luban, Gamasutra] "The Design of Free-To-Play Games"
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