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 Free Cloud Storage and Syncing Solution - great for developers!

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PostSubject: Free Cloud Storage and Syncing Solution - great for developers!   Sun 22 Jan - 4:17

Hi all,

Shane recently introduced me to SugarSync, which I now love!

You've probably all heard of DropBox, which is a cloud storage solution that gives you up to 5GB free storage.

SugarSync is far better, and you can have as much cloud storage space as you want, because with every person you refer, you get 500MB extra space. DropBox places a 5GB limit on space, regardless of how many people you refer.
And of course, SugarSync is completely free. You can choose to purchase lots of space quickly, thereby skipping the referral process, but I'd personally stick to the referring!

The good thing about these types of services is that you can share any folders you want, with anyone you want.
The Foundation Team are currently using SugarSync for the development of the website, so we can all access the same files (that are currently on my laptop). This means that if I've lost my laptop, or I someone urgently needs to change a file, they can do that right away, without having to get me to send it to them.

Anyway, here's a link to their site - let me know what you all think of it
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Free Cloud Storage and Syncing Solution - great for developers!
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