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 The new Wiki is now open!

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PostSubject: The new Wiki is now open!   Sun 29 Jan - 6:34

Hello all,

We have finished setting up the new Wiki, and this can be found at

At the moment, it is a near-clone of the Old Wiki, which we will use as a base to work from.
Therefore, some of the information may be incorrect, as there is some outdated material and tutorials, referencing methods that may no longer function correctly with the current Platform.
If you run across any issues, ask on the forums, and hopefully someone will know a work-around. Please make sure you reference the incorrect article, so that it can be updated/modified for the benefit of future readers and developers.

You are also able to register for a Wiki account, as you would have normally.
Eventually, you will have one account for every service we will provide (Forums, Wiki, Marketplace, Demo World and so on.). We'll let you know about that in the coming weeks.


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The new Wiki is now open!
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