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 Hello there

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PostSubject: Hello there   Fri 23 Mar - 12:31

Hello there MV, I'm a old school modder going back to the half life days that is simply sick and tired of the junk game companies are putting out there. I have been a systems administrator for the last 7 years with another 10 in the IT industry. I have done everything from Modeling, scripting, coding and texture design.

I was pretty happy with the half life SDK for a learning platform to get into game development, im really hoping MV will be a enviroment like the SDK was for me.

Im also hoping that this project doesn't die off any time soon.

I already have a couple of design ideas, specifically dealing with open ended crafting and technology. I love complex crafting processes that invole more freedom to end users. I have a facination with Rube Goldberg machines
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PostSubject: Re: Hello there   Fri 23 Mar - 13:02

Hell...........most folks on the net don't even know who R.Crumb is let alone Rube Goldberg and his toys of the imagination are.....

And don't get me wrong........but IMO "wizards" would have been a MUCH better movie, had Frank Frazetta been alive to do it rather than Ralph Bakshi
And "Heavy Metal" would have been a better movie, had Ron Howard been alive to do the storyline.....

But then again............I feel almost blessed that Frank Zappa gave us almost 50 albums before he croaked.*grins*

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Hello there
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