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 Interested in Computer-Assisted Gaming and Real-World Settings

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PostSubject: Interested in Computer-Assisted Gaming and Real-World Settings   Fri 11 May - 8:00

I was attracted to Multiverse by its low barrier to entry. I'm not a programmer or an artist, though I know some Python and XML, and I'm good at writing documentation. My background is in sales; I frequently work with programmers, and I've sometimes served as an “interpreter” between sales types and IT types.

I'm interested in computer-assisted role-playing games (CARP, or CAG for computer-assisted gaming), which attempt to combine the advantages of a tabletop game (the camaraderie of a small group, the ease of in-person play, and the flexibility of a human referee) with those of a computer game (the greater realism and simplicity made possible by a computer). I'm also into history and mythology, and work principally with real-world settings (modern, historical, and mythological). My current project is a modern setting. I'm very interested in working with anyone else who is creating a real-world setting, modern or otherwise.
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Interested in Computer-Assisted Gaming and Real-World Settings
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