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 Hello, world!

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PostSubject: Hello, world!   Fri 15 Jun - 14:43

I have been trying to make my own MMO for about two years now. Life got in the way every time, it seemed. I originally started using Hero Engine but I left shortly after for work. When I came back, I had to pay $100 a year to access my account and assets, not cool. Sad Yea, its cheap for what they offer but I want to do this with as low cost as possible. I want to prove that its possible for one person to make a successful MMO. So, I continued looking on Google and found this place! I really like the idea of an open-source engine. I'm excited to pull my old GDD out and start updating it.

Personally, I am a one man army which is bad and good in its own way. I won't be joining any projects or recruiting anyone but I would love to collaborate and share resources. I love making tutorial videos so keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks.

Thank you,
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Foundation Developer

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PostSubject: Re: Hello, world!   Fri 15 Jun - 16:06

Welcome! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, world!   Fri 15 Jun - 21:54

We all love tutorial videos Very Happy
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Well-Known Member

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PostSubject: Re: Hello, world!   Sat 16 Jun - 5:28

Welcome aboard, can't wait to see what game you will be bringing up....
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, world!   

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Hello, world!
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