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 Combat server fails to start (NullPointerException)

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PostSubject: Combat server fails to start (NullPointerException)   Mon 2 Jul - 13:08

Hello all,

I'm new to multiverse and I'm trying to get the servers to go through initialization. It seems that I receive the following error when the combat server starts:

ERROR [2012-07-01 20:57:55,295] main Engine.main: domain server localhost:20374 failed java.lang.NullPointerException
at multiverse.server.util.Base64.decode(
at multiverse.server.util.Base64.decode(
at multiverse.msgsys.MessageAgent.connectToDomain(
at multiverse.server.engine.Engine.main(

All the other services fail, as they apparently need to communicate to the combat server as seen below:

Could not connect to agent 'combat' at Connection refused: connect

My dev environment is:

Win 7 (32bit)
python 2.6.4
java (jdk) version "1.7.0_05"
mysql 5.5
server_20120322 (downloaded as of 01JUL)

I am able to use the MV tools (load models, etc) and can start the client in standalone. I've read through the wiki tutorial and some of the forum post.

My apologies if this has already been answered as I've not been able to find one within the forums, but has anyone experienced this error?. I also noticed on the sourceforge page that it references an older build (ver20081125) being run on fedora. Is this the working/tested platform/build?

Any insight would greatly be appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat server fails to start (NullPointerException)   Tue 3 Jul - 1:03

I have not seen that error before so I doubt you will find anything on the forums. It looks like the combat server is unable to connect to the Domain server. This is probably an setup problem is there an error in domain.out? You might be having a firewall problem that is preventing the different parts of the server from talking to each other.
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Combat server fails to start (NullPointerException)
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