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PostSubject: /wave_to_all   Wed 4 Jul - 12:30

Hey All,

Started with Torque years ago, then Irrlicht, learned basic 3D, some Bullet, learned vsm/pssm shadows and glsl there.

Then Ogre @1.7 after the license changed. Integrated Bullet and "Sinbad" with a Bullet char controller.

Wanted to learn Erlang, start learning networking, servers and clusters in depth and settle in for a nice long 3-4 year dev process for the backend ... now Multiverse is MIT and it is definitely the best deal out there.

Delurin has already helped and the community seems great.

Thanks in advance to all.

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PostSubject: Re: /wave_to_all   Wed 4 Jul - 19:51

Welcome Koron Very Happy

Quote :
now Multiverse is MIT and it is definitely the best deal out there.

cheers cheers

Out of interest, how did you find out about Multiverse? If you knew about it many years ago (before open source, and when it was still active), what made you start using it now, and how did you hear about the open-sourcing of the platform?

It's always good to know which marketing strategies are working study
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PostSubject: Thanks   Thu 5 Jul - 15:50


I really can't remember how I found that Multiverse had gone open source... scratch

...nope can't remember I think I just stumbled on it when I was searching for tools/api etc. So... Google.

I know I was floored when I saw it was not only open source but MIT cheers

I did look at it probably 2 years ago and thought that actually 10% was pretty reasonable. Still wanted to
do it all myself though ( then I found humility Very Happy )

The only obvious competitor to Multiverse is Hero Cloud and it's 70/30. Yes they handle the billing, servers etc and I hope they succeed but I'm here at Multiverse for the long haul.

I know I appreciate the work that went into Multiverse... just reading the API and Wiki is humbling.

We've all read enough "How do I make an MMO?" threads...I just hope people who look at Multiverse realize that it's about the best chance an indie or small team has to actually ship an mmo and the tech is free...

You need a bigger and more prominent Donate Button! cheers

Maybe the foundation can offer support contracts, consultancy, work a deal with Vanquish...
"Sleepy Giant" ?

And of course the Developer Marketplace. If you do that right I think it'll rock! I know I'll be a regular customer.

Good Luck guys
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PostSubject: Re: /wave_to_all   

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