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 Basic Coding question

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Experienced Newbie
Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: Basic Coding question   Thu 5 Jul - 1:43

Hi folks-
New here, just learned that MV went Open Source a little while ago, thought I'd give it a look.

Am I right on these points:

Programming Client customization is done in Python (IronPython) using the client API unless I want to do source edits (using VS2010 in .NET) (plus XML for the UI layout)

Programming the Server customizations is done by building extensions/plugins for MARS using JAVA(compiled to JAR) or Python (looks like even if I go JAVA, some Python is always needed for registering the extensions and any messages), and if I want to mess with Server Source, it's in JAVA?

Just trying to get it all straight Smile
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Foundation Developer

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Coding question   Thu 5 Jul - 2:55

That sounds about right.

The tools and the client core code are both in C#.
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Basic Coding question
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