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 Regarding the Source code and Installation.

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PostSubject: Regarding the Source code and Installation.   Wed 18 Jul - 19:18

Thanks for posting the link to the source code now. Much appreciated.

One addition to the source code part that would help everyone would be to add a file of zipped items per section to save individual downloads. A simple revision.txt file included to make sure people know whats been changed since previous versions etc.

This does work and works very well, we used to use it in the developments of TinyMUD and CircleMUD. It also enables a single download and folder setup rather than downloading and creating individual files. Or if Ive missed a download of similar nature I would be grateful to get the real deal please.

This is looking already like a most interesting topic.

My appologies for the lack of input only I suffer badly with grass pollen hat fever and have been pretty much blind the last few days with its actions.
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Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Regarding the Source code and Installation.   Wed 18 Jul - 23:00

Hi there-

For handling the source code you may want to try this:

It lets you interface with the SVN server directly - takes a little playing to figure out how, but helps you to keep track of which code gets updated as revisions are done by the main team
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Regarding the Source code and Installation.
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