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 Does Server Version 1.5 actually work on WinXP? YES. Connected

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PostSubject: Does Server Version 1.5 actually work on WinXP? YES. Connected   Thu 19 Jul - 16:11

I've tried everything I can think of to get this running on WinXP. Can't say I believe it does.

There must be some big caveat that isn't mentioned anywhere. Something not in the wiki. Some
Python conflict or Java or jdk6 issue, a bug not mentioned anywhere. A note that currently the
WinXP build is broken, anything.

I would love to see a screen shot along with the working
and start-multiverse.bat or

It works on XP? Really? I am finding it hard to believe it is this difficult to get this thing up and running.

Setting a few default paths is one thing, hardcoding a filepath is no problem. Modding a few lines in
a shell script? Not difficult. Nothing however seems to move this forward for me. Same results on 2 different

Following the wiki doesn't seem to work.

I have had the same results on two boxes with stock binaries and startup scripts.
Both have had more than one *perfectly* clean Java6 jre and jdk installs. Tried every path, backslash,
forward slash, cygpath and environment var or setting I can think of and not even close.

Hardcoded every thing that I could find in, start-multiverse.bat,, under cygwin and, cygwin recommended changes to
line 2 in prop2sh.awk, the path to sampleworld.mvw of course and lots more.

Been all over the wiki and google of course including, but not limited to:

My other thread is here:

Does Server Version 1.5 work on WinXP and jre and jdk 6 ? Evil or Very Mad

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PostSubject: Finally!   Sat 21 Jul - 11:28

"DONE INITIALIZING, you can log in now"

Ok, I guess I believe. Still haven't tried connecting yet.

At least server v1.5 runs on WinXP under Cygwin.

Had to make a couple of mods to
such as hardcoding AGENT_NAME="wmgr_1" and AGENT_NAME="proxy_1" in start_proxy
and start_world_manager. That takes care of borked .pid and .out filenames and the log4j error.

"log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed.
.out (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)"

The function alloc_domain_name in seems to return Ok, doesn't exit 1.
So...anyone know why this line in might be failing?
AGENT_NAME=$(alloc_domain_name AGENT ${AGENT_TYPE}_# )

Original thread
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PostSubject: Finally connected and killed a wolf.   Sun 22 Jul - 18:17

Finally started the servers, connected locally with the client and killed a wolf. cheers

Under Cygwin 1.7.5 on WinXP
jre and jdk6
MySQL 5.5

Finally got the servers running without log file errors and connected on WinXP

First: Read the Platform tutorial

multiverseclient.exe --development --noupdate

World Settings File
The world_settings_sample.xml should be in Multiverse Client\worlds install dir
Rename, mod and copy the world settings file as noted here:

In addition to the changes noted in the Platform tutorial I made the changes below.

Mods to scripts and

### If multiverse.mvwfile property is not specified, it defaults to MV_HOME/config/worldname/worldname.mvw
### Example below is Windows path; On Linux/Unix, use forward slashes instead of double backslashes.
#try hardcoding the path to the world file.  NEW: try again here now that servers are running under Cygwin
template.put(Namespace.INSTANCE, InstanceClient.TEMPL_WORLD_FILE_NAME, "c:/multiverse/config/sampleworld/sampleworld.mvw")
template.put(Namespace.INSTANCE, InstanceClient.TEMPL_INIT_SCRIPT_FILE_NAME, "c:/multiverse/config/sampleworld/")
function start_world_manager () {

          ###ORIGINAL    AGENT_NAME=$(alloc_domain_name AGENT ${AGENT_TYPE}_# )
  # Hardcoded because of invalid $AGENT_NAME, .pid file and log4j .out file error
function start_proxy () {

      ###ORIGINAL    AGENT_NAME=$(alloc_domain_name AGENT ${AGENT_TYPE}_# )
    #Hardcoded because of invalid $AGENT_NAME, .pid file and log4j .out file error

Still have to work out the path variables for the hardcoded stuff, for the other world files etc.
At least it's running for now.

You can hardcode the paths for all the .mvw in and they work.

Hopefully this can help someone else who's having trouble getting this up and running.

On to the next challenge(s).

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PostSubject: Updated   Sat 4 Aug - 6:15

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PostSubject: Re: Does Server Version 1.5 actually work on WinXP? YES. Connected   

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Does Server Version 1.5 actually work on WinXP? YES. Connected
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