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 Client Not doing anything....

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PostSubject: Client Not doing anything....   Thu 26 Jul - 1:46

I load up the client and put in guest as username and password as well the password. Click login.... And well nothing happens. Zip notta no error message nothing shows up at all. Hm... so i tried thinking maybe i need to start the server! Nope did that server started up fine. Client still did absolutely nothing. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it =)

Learning experience #1: Use the search in any forum.

Forgot to do that... Dont know what I was thinking! Used guest guest as login and it worked like a knife going through butter... =S < ya

Last edited by Sianide on Thu 26 Jul - 1:50; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Found what i needed (USE THE SEARCH!!!) taking my own advice...)
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Client Not doing anything....
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