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 Licensing, mySQL and GPL

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PostSubject: Licensing, mySQL and GPL   Sat 4 Aug - 15:47

Have read

Haven't yet dug into the server code but are we linking with the mySQL libs?

I was under the naive impression that we were just using the jdbc to connect with a mySQL database
and didn't consider distribution.

Does the way we are currently using/distributing mySQL make MV a derivative work? Especially with the FOSS

"but this exception permits distribution of certain MySQL Client Libraries with a developer’s FOSS applications licensed under the terms of another FOSS license listed below, even though such other FOSS license may be incompatible with the GPL."

Someone should email them and put them on the spot to answer it specifically with respect to Multiverse.

Not a big Oracle fan anyway. Cheers to Google and HP for their wins cheers

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PostSubject: Distribution with the client   Sat 4 Aug - 15:55

Also since the mySQL libs aren't being distributed to endusers does this even apply?

Is this correct or do I have it wrong?

Developers download mySQL, install and run it in house along with the server.

The libs aren't being distributed with the client are they? *checks client folder*

I hope since we aren't distributing the libs the license question is moot??

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Experienced Newbie
Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Licensing, mySQL and GPL   Sun 5 Aug - 5:33

I have not looked at the MySQL licenses, but if it's a problem you can port over to any JDBC-compliant database (Oracle/DB2/SQL Server/PostgreSQL /Sybase/etc) without too much hassle.

Perhaps a good thing to look into. I'd also choose to work with 3rd party tools and software without having to worry about possible royalties. Just note that the databases mentioned are just examples of JDBC-compliant databases and not necessarily better options.
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PostSubject: Good points   Sun 5 Aug - 15:30

I agree, we have options.

Always good to know we could change if we have to. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Licensing, mySQL and GPL   Wed 22 Aug - 15:52

We are not linking with any MySQL libraries directly. We are just using the JDBC connector for MySQL. Multiverse is not a derivative work of MySQL in any way, shape, or form.
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PostSubject: Thank you Xangis!   Wed 22 Aug - 15:56


thx Xangis


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PostSubject: Re: Licensing, mySQL and GPL   

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Licensing, mySQL and GPL
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