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PostSubject: Screenshots   Fri 24 Aug - 5:33

Not a platform feature per se...

When the team has time... no rush! Very Happy

Can we get a gallery or screenshots area or forum?

Perhaps a screenshot contest annually or monthly! Very Happy

- Best In-Engine
- Best Concept Art
- Best Mob Design
- Best Zone Design

Oh, and large cash prizes for the winner! Twisted Evil

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PostSubject: Re: Screenshots   Fri 24 Aug - 7:07

Well, that's sort of what the Worlds in Progress forum is for (

The new forum is actually going to have a different layout, and will have bigger areas for the individual sections of development (modelling, programming etc).

Competitions sound like a good idea, though. The new site will have a User Points system, which can be earned through posting in the forums, showcasing your work and so on, as well as selling stuff through the Marketplace. You'll be able to spend the points on Marketplace items (if the seller accepts it as currency) and suggest new features.

I won't say much more, as it's still in the planning phase. More on this later! silent

- T
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PostSubject: Sounds good   Sun 26 Aug - 17:22

I am absolutely certain it will rock. Very Happy

Looking forward in a big way to the marketplace.

"User Points system" sounds like a good idea.

Sounds like you're taking a Guild Wars 2 style "when it's ready" approach. Good!!


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PostSubject: Re: Screenshots   

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