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 Garage Games service model

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PostSubject: Garage Games service model   Tue 11 Sep - 7:29

"Our second goal was to build a service division. I’m happy to say that we’ve already booked our first million dollars in service work and we expect the growth trend to continue as we make Torque 3D more accessible. You can visit our services site at We are very well prepared and staffed to provide support, training, and custom development."

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PostSubject: Re: Garage Games service model   Thu 13 Sep - 1:53

Yes. If everyone hasn't heard Garagegames is releasing their Torque3d as open source under the MIT License. This is excellent news for the development community. I would love to work integration between the Torque from end engine and the Multivere backend mmo servers.

I believe the service model is one that works well with open source software and hope that as Multiverse is improved and used more that this will open the door for Multiverse "Experts" to provide services surrounding the platform.

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Garage Games service model
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