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 Unofficial FAQ

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PostSubject: Unofficial FAQ   Sat 15 Sep - 5:25

This is meant to be somewhat "tongue in cheek" Very Happy

( Disclaimer: this unofficial faq is neither written, created, formatted, uploaded, maintained, updated, supported, endorsed or even liked by the Multiverse Foundation Very Happy )

Unofficial FAQ

What is Multiverse?
Multiverse is a completely awesome MMO creation platform and system that automatically builds
critically acclaimed and enormously profitable virtual worlds in a matter of days with zero effort on the part of the developer.

What is an MMO?
An MMO is an online game where friendly people play together perpetually in joyous
harmony in a virtual world devoid of rude people, griefers or rogue GM's.

Can I make an MMO with Multiverse?
Can you? Smile

What features does Multiverse's have?
It has graphics, sound, interactivity, networking and a price tag of $0.
They even throw in a free Wiki!

Does Multiverse have feature X or thing Y like engine Z?


Can I have feature X implemented in Multiverse?
Yes! Let the rest of us know when you have it working. Smile

Multiverse doesn't do that thingy right and this makes me mad!
First stomp up and down... no wait...
First calm down, Second read the wiki, Third try again. Fourth Repeat.
If this proven strategy doesn't work for you ask for help on the forums. Very Happy

Where is that thing with the stuff where you do X?
Oh, that's precise location is described here...

Can Multiverse make World of Warcraft?
Yes! Simply run the batch file: MakeMyMMO_For_Me.bat be continued

Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Unofficial FAQ   Sun 16 Sep - 0:19

Koron wrote:

Can Multiverse make World of Warcraft?
Yes! Simply run the batch file: MakeMyMMO_For_Me.bat

haha, I bet someone will take that seriously, and post asking where the file is jocolor

Love it though! Very Happy
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Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Unofficial FAQ   Tue 18 Sep - 2:56

LOL, Yeah good one! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Unofficial FAQ   

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Unofficial FAQ
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