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 The early mmo days

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PostSubject: The early mmo days   Sat 20 Oct - 13:53

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PostSubject: Forgot to mention...   Sun 21 Oct - 15:36

...that Meridian59 has gone Open Source (GPL?)
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PostSubject: Re: The early mmo days   Sun 21 Oct - 15:48

Koron wrote:
...that Meridian59 has gone Open Source (GPL?)

Yes, Meridian 95 is GPL.

However, I think the code is written in C++, which won't be of much use to us. However, it might only be a part of it.
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PostSubject: Examples   Sun 28 Oct - 0:16


Not suggesting integration Smile

I was just offering these as fyi Smile

Looking at the design/mechanics/gameplay of the early games in this genre
helps a relative mmo noob like mahself. Very Happy

The playing field w/respect to the technology for us developers has kinda leveled
or been "democratized" (to quote Unity). We all have access to some tech that with enough
work allows us to make an mmo. Now we can focus a bit more on design.

One of the non-technical issues that interests me is the rate of progression and how it's
evolved. In my favorite game, ffxi, back when I started, without powerleveling, it would take
you about a week just to get to level 30 / 75.! Maybe another couple of months to go from 30 -> 75;

Now in ffxi you can leech xp in a certain zone and hit the cap of 99 in a few days.

I believe someone in GuildWars2 hit the cap @80 in 32 hours!

Of course it's meant to bring in more of the casual segment of the gamer population.
Not many of us adults have the time to grind for hours on end leveling, questing and farming.


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PostSubject: Re: The early mmo days   Wed 31 Oct - 5:55

Even though im not sure if this questione is for this topic or not.
I wonder if in the early Years. There were also Sandbox mmos or not.
And if so. Are they now Open Source?
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PostSubject: Re: The early mmo days   

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The early mmo days
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