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 Cash Shop Item

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PostSubject: Cash Shop Item   Sun 28 Oct - 4:52

Our team is working on an awesome new cash shop item for one of our projects.

All feedback is welcome Very Happy

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Well-Known Member

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PostSubject: Re: Cash Shop Item   Wed 31 Oct - 5:53

So its like jewels you can buy with real money and then use them in game?
If so you need to show how you did that^^ cause thats surely needed.
Also another point i would like to mention.
Try to make the code so modifyable so people can use it as a Virtual Economy System. If that is possible
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PostSubject: Just kidding :)   Wed 31 Oct - 13:34

Hey Snake Smile

Was just making a joke re: the way it's so easy to level in some games. jocolor

Might as well just start off at max level Shocked

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PostSubject: Re: Cash Shop Item   Wed 31 Oct - 22:50

lol, I was wondering...I was thinking to myself what a stupid item...that ruins the whole fun and how will that bring money in the long run lol....well now it all makes sense
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PostSubject: Re: Cash Shop Item   

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Cash Shop Item
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