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 Donation page

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PostSubject: Donation page   Sat 8 Dec - 3:17

The donation payment page required choosing a "valid" County, which was not listed in the dropdown,
even when choosing United States for the country and wouldn't proceed without it.

Used my paypal account which I rarely use, not everyone wants to use paypal though.

Just fyi Very Happy

Happy Holidays
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PostSubject: Re: Donation page   Sat 8 Dec - 4:04

Yes the County may be because the Paypal was setup by Tristan who is in the UK and the UK version of Paypal probably requires a "County".

What other payment options would you prefer? Regular credit cards? You can setup a credit card over Paypal. The main draw of Paypal is that its incredibly easy to setup.

Thanks for the donation!

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PostSubject: No problem   Sat 8 Dec - 5:51

Very small donation but yw Very Happy

I've used Paypal over the years, mostly for Ebay, it's ok, just likes to nag you about linking a bank account.

Happy Holidays! santa

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PostSubject: Re: Donation page   

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Donation page
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