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 Server Admin

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Super Contributor

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PostSubject: Server Admin   Thu 21 Feb - 7:37


you probably hate me by now, i ask too many questions, lol,

here is one for the road:

how about server admin,
does the server have some sort of admin area , like web based interface, where you login and can see actual servers info, stats ie:
load, concurrent users connected, ban user functions, stats etc..........

or is there a GM admin ingame accounts where one can retrieve server info, like the above mentioned?

is this something that is already setup for MV?

or you just run the server and hope for the best?
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PostSubject: Re: Server Admin   Thu 21 Feb - 8:56

You can look at and on the server and it will tell you what server / commands exist that can be used from in game... you can also run on linux status I believe which will tell you if everything is running. I know that /who will tell you who is online and I think there are some similar commands but there is no overall admin area that I know of. There may have been some that I have do not know of.
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Server Admin
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