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 Client camera lag issue, need your help

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PostSubject: Client camera lag issue, need your help   Tue 26 Feb - 2:38

well, after trying a lot of stuff to increase performance on client,
even in a fresh new empty world, i can get up to 90 fps.
but client still feels like lagging for some reason.

so now i know the client feels like lagging not because of fps since i can get up to 90 fps, so that is not the issue.

I have narrowed it to the camera.
the camera that follows player for some reason feels like is not following the player smoothly, it seems to be moving like in small intervals, i mean it is not that noticeable, but if you pay attention you can certainly feel the lag.
let me put it in better example on how it feels:

it feels like when you use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out, if you notice the scrolling is not smooth is in lapsed intervals, or intermittent short camera movement,

so this is the best example on how it feels when you move the player around the scene, the camera seems to be moving in very small movement intervals, that makes the game feel laggy., even if you get high fps.

in other words, feels like the camera following the player is not smooth smoothly following.

I mean, is very minimal, but if you pay attention you will notice it and it will become very annoying since it feels like lag.

if you want to experiment yourself, the best way to tell is in the sampleworld, get ingame and do a mid range camera zoom to your character, select a barrel mesh and pay attention to the selection yellow ring from the selected barrel mesh, and move towards it and pass by it very close to it and you will notice it with the yellow decal ring the lag movement when the player moves around it..

now, i have been looking at client source to find the camera smooth movement, but does not seem to have any, same thing happens with mouse scroll zoom in, does not have the smoothing option, or maybe i missed it.

maybe someone has already noticed it and found a solution for it, so you can share with all of us?, will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advanced.

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PostSubject: Re: Client camera lag issue, need your help   Fri 1 Mar - 4:28

Ive tried to see what you are talking about but havent been able to replicate it. It might be that I am so used to it that it doesnt register or it could be sampleworld specific since I dont have a sampleworld server up and running so I did not test it there. Does it have the same problem if you use the mouse look to rotate the camera? You can speed up the turn rate by changing the value of ClientAPI.InputHandler.MouseVelocity = x similarly you can do that with MouseWheelVelocity

Let me know if it has the same problem.

Also do you have the same problem when in first person mode ie all the way zoomed in?

It is hard to tell from what you wrote if the problem is just with the decal or with the whole scene and the decal is just the most noticeable.

You could try setting --log_level debug in the command line and seeing the camera movement from one frame to the next but the debug logging will slow things down anyways so it might not be helpful.

Camera movement is tied to the input so you can look in Multiverse.Input.DefaultInputHandler (it is in Multiverse.Base Input InputHandler.cs)

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Client camera lag issue, need your help
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