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 10 second connect time/unable to connect

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Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: 10 second connect time/unable to connect   Sun 17 Mar - 14:19

I finally got my server up and running and was able to connect and see the strange videos of two guys. But after a little while I kept getting a "cannot connect to server error" upon pressing play. The character screen opens just fine. I noticed this in the log file:

When waiting for login response, got more than 100 messages or more than 10 seconds of delay
ERROR [2013-03-17 09:21:13,619] Client Unable to retrieve login response

Is the cannot connect error occurring because it takes more than 10 seconds to establish the connection? I got this error about 50% of the time when it was first working, and now I get it 100% of the time. Is there a way to change how long it tries to connect before throwing the error? Perhaps 20 seconds would be enough time...

Also I'm having a lot of trouble using the terrain generator if anyone has any tips about that... I'm trying to follow this guide:

I can't seem to achieve the desired results in step 4... I see a white box no matter how much I click/scroll/wasd.


Edit: What does this mean (from the client log) "WARN [2013-03-17 19:19:37,440] InterfaceLayer Unhandled element: Anchors" .... I see this a lot
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Super Contributor

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PostSubject: Re: 10 second connect time/unable to connect   Mon 18 Mar - 12:52

The two guys in the video are 2 of the 3 founders, Rafhael Cedeno (Co-founder & CTO)
Corey Bridges (Co-founder Executive Producer and Marketing Director) of the original Multiverse Network Company from way back. The video file name (RafandCorey.wmv) and intro says it all :-)

Not sure about that particular video error but for the terrain problem I would suggest using a 3rd party tool in creating a randomized seed or real world based terrain generator like EarthSculptor or L3DT free versions. Guides also from mv wiki.
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10 second connect time/unable to connect
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