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 Domain reslution question { SOLVED }

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PostSubject: Domain reslution question { SOLVED }   Tue 7 May - 8:02

ok so getting the server up and running on a LOCAL LAN is fairly straightforward once you go and fix all the crap that needs fixed for everything to play nice.

<-- WORD OF ADVICE HERE: Don't even fool around with trying to get a master server running in a windows environment, you will end up giving up and hating this system entirely! There is just too much out of date / broken / not working even close to how it should for this. find yourself an old box you dont use for anything and set up ubuntu server on it and do a linux install for the server. Besideds, if you are planning to run a production level server, you will end up using linux anyway so might as well set this up out of the gate!

What about if I want to make the server accessable by fqdn on a wan? would I set the hostname to the ipv4 address of the wan?, or the internal ip of the server then point to with a dns entry on my dns servers? Using a FQDN in causes the server to fail to start, so does the ipv4 wan address. The only ip info that allows the server to start are internal ipv4 of the server or localhost. And yes, all the ports are forwarded and accessable from the "outside".

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Domain reslution question { SOLVED }
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