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 Using Github

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PostSubject: Using Github   Tue 7 May - 14:15

I can't give everyone a full training on using GitHub. But here is the basic workflow;

Setup an account on GitHub
Go to the main MultiversePlatform Repository and "Fork" it into your account
"Clone" the repository to your local computer
Make your changes on your local copy of the sourcecode
Compile and test your changes
"Commit" and "Push" your changes to your repository
Then make a "Pull Request", they should rename it to "Merge Request", to merge your changes with the foundation repository. Make sure you pay attention to which way the Arrow is pointing on the Pull Request. That signifies the From repository and the To repository.
Your "Pull Request" will be received and if everything works well your code merged and committed to the primary repository.

The workflow is a bit long and can be complicated but it's the best approach for distributed development. Most other source control systems require granting full access to a particular team of developers. We aren't working that way. We want anyone to request merges.

Going forward I will end up being a bottle neck if we have lots of pull requests happening. Having said that we need a couple trusted people who understand Github and the code to manage pull requests. Responsibility being.. you are the gatekeeper of the main repository.

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Using Github
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