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 Houston we have success!

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PostSubject: Houston we have success!   Thu 9 May - 12:41

I finally have my server up and running as if it were in a production environment!

With that out of the way, I will be writting up a quick start guide that will detail all the info missing in the wiki on how to set the system up on an Ubuntu server 12.04 system complete with DNS, mysql, apache on seperate physical machines as it would be setup in a production environment, meaning the MV server is headless as well as the DNS/web/mysql server, Why set it up this way you may ask?

For one thing, As an IT specialist and computer geek in general, This is industry standards complient, which is important when it comes to possibly finding investors for YOUR project , while yes the server will run on a windows xp box and you can install everything on the same box, no serious investor is even going to think about handing you a check if they know you are setup this way, they will laugh you right out of thier office, and believe me, they will want to see your infastructure and how you have it setup before they hand you one cent of thier money.

Another reason is redundancy, it is a little more complex to setup across multiple machines, however you wont have all your eggs in one basket. Thus if you have a hardware failure or something foobars your os, you will still have the ability to communicate via your games website or email or both with your subscribers or ( players in the case of a free to play scenario ) as well as suffering less downtime simply because there will be less to configure or re-configure if your MV system is spread accross multiple machines.

And an all important aspect of any mmo, even sharded ones ( I hate sharded server infrastructures but anyway ) is scalability.
Setting the system up with this in mind from the start will save you plenty of sleepless nights and huge bottles of excedrin later, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! been there, done that. While at its current state you arn't going to setup multiverse as a supercluster ( Eve online anyone? ) The Groundwork has been done for you, Multiverse is cabable out of the box of scaling across multiple machines and becoming a distributed ( aka clustered ) system. WHich as time goes on, and your mmo gains popularity and new players, this capibility will become critical to meet not olny the bandwidth demands you will face at that point but the resourse demands as well, think of it this way, Eve online for example runs on a 30,000 node Supercluster, anyone that has played eve knows even a supercluster that large still suffers from the occasional lag storm ( well , a little more than occasionaly to be honest ) and that mmo only has an adverage CCU count of around 45,000 to 50,000 at any givin time. So, you can see the importance of planning ahead for such things.

Well this turned out to be a book instead of a short here is what I wanna do and here is why lol so I will close with that, Keep an eye out in the next few days and I will try and get CobaltBlues to make my quickstart a sticky or perhaps add it to the wiki, I will also mirror it on my own website until it is in the wiki or a sticky or both.

See ya soon!
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Houston we have success!
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