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 Promised demo world is live!!!

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PostSubject: Promised demo world is live!!!   Sun 26 May - 6:21

Ok for those that want to see the server in action, I have a demo server up and running for you to check out. Keep in mind this is only a BASIC demo at this point and is running sampleworld.

To login to the demo server:

1) start your client with the command line argument -> --master Either add this to your short cut or use it on the command line.

2) login with the following info:

Username = guest
Password = guest

3) Create a toon and have a look around!

I will try to update this server and add new things to it as time allows to create a more robust demo, I am also in the process of figureing out how to run more than one world on the same server ( hence the reason for the world dropdown in the client but no idea how to do it yet ) so stay tuned and ENJOY!!!
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PostSubject: Can't connect   Sun 13 Jul - 11:35

Had to add --noupdate to get the above switch to work, eve nthen the client launches stating: "Navigation to the webpage has failed". Completely new to the platform, but can't seem to find where to start troubleshooting. Is there something else I need to be doing?
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Sir Chandis Kover

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PostSubject: can't connect   Thu 14 Aug - 12:28


"navigation to the website was cancelled"
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PostSubject: Re: Promised demo world is live!!!   

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Promised demo world is live!!!
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