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 Multiverse Dead?

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PostSubject: Multiverse Dead?   Sat 21 Sep - 6:17

I have noticed that the Multiverse Foundation website has been inactive for sometime and of reading of similar questions in these forums, dating back earlier this year.  Supposedly would be back up, but does not look like it.
Without the wiki, the code is pretty much, unfortunately, too difficult to work with.  
How difficult is it to restore a website?
Or is Multiverse out of action?
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PostSubject: Not Exactly 'DEAD'   Tue 1 Oct - 5:32

To be honest, I think Multiverse is more of on the road to join the collection of software that can been viewed as up in your face or by experts, for experts like Torque3d, Unity and Unreal.

I am deeply concerned that the dev team are focussing too much of their time on the innovation rather than the usability of it, which I believe is a critical aspect for anyone looking to build their own MMO game/network.

My bottom line is, the makers of these MMO engines are making the learning curve too steep for most to stomach.
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PostSubject: Re: Multiverse Dead?   Tue 1 Oct - 6:50

No, it is not dead,

IcBrainy, part of what I am doing is doing away with the setup for windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 ect, it is apparent to me that you are kinda new to this sort of thing OR IT and programming in general.

Don't take that as a bash, just a simple observation.

As for the learning curve, In any sort of game development, one must first have a basic understanding of the fundementals before you can start developing a game and an MMO, More so, you must have an understanding of back end systems, web servers, mysql ( or similar Database server ) how they interconnect and communicate with each other and the game server, what their capibilities are, Ect....

Thus, the Learning curve for a givin platform should be as limited to learning the platform itself as possible. As I have stated before, we are not here to teach someone python, or mysql programming or how to setup a web server. We are here specificly to help people understand Multiverse, Now that isnt to say we wont point people in the right direction if say they are weak with python or any of the other parts that make up the platform, however, it is NOT our responsability to teach them these things.

I know the re-design and re-launch of the site is taking WAY longer than expected , but there are some technical issues going on with our VPS atm that are slowing things down. They have had to go through all of thier servers and remove malware, which is where the malware attack on OUR site came from.

So in short, YES i am getting rid of windows setups all together as one would NEVER use windows for a Production level MMO server because of security and other issues, YES if you intend to use multiverse you will be expected to have atleast a BASIC understanding of Linux to run it, YES, there IS a windows SERVER Operating system version in the works , BUT consumer level versions of windows, aka windows xp , windows vista, windows 7, will no longer be supported for the server side of the platform, ( Multiverse server, apache setup, mysql server .. and so on ) only SERVER versions of windows will be supported for that with linux HIGHLY encouraged )
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PostSubject: Re: Multiverse Dead?   Wed 2 Oct - 18:27

I'll send you a " current - my suggestion" graphic on what i'm referring to within the next few days.
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Experienced Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Multiverse Dead?   Tue 12 Nov - 4:18

I know it is an old thread, but it has me curious.

What components are we talking about specifically?

The server files for windows? From what I can tell, these are simply here to provide an easy start up point for stand alone development.
Pretty handy overall.

The reason they are fitted for winxp and such is due to the era in which they were built.
For me on windows 7 I had no issues getting things fired up and working.

There are a couple bugs lurking about but outside of that its pretty turn key.

We need to get some activity on the wiki and bring the message format out of the client so that the backend is more usable for other projects.
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PostSubject: Re: Multiverse Dead?   

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Multiverse Dead?
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