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 Building a new patch

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PostSubject: Building a new patch   Thu 13 Feb - 19:49

Hi guys, managed to get a server and master running and can cnnet via local and external networks, modified so that the patcher looks at my web server etc etc and somehow i managed to start the client (without and additional commands) and it patched from my server ad i can login, wahay. My question is this, obviously i wanna start adding my own assets in etc etc and scripts etc i suddenly thought i will need to build a new patch ? how would one do this, basically my webserver has the sampleassets in and thats what it seems to be patching when i first connected. If anybody want to try my world then message me and i will make you an account and let you know how to connect, i havent worked out the signup page element yet, any ideas on patch building ?


PS- glad to see this is still alive, any ideas when your next updated server etc and smple world will be released?
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PostSubject: Re: Building a new patch   Thu 20 Feb - 16:25

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Building a new patch
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