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 fancy contours :v

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PostSubject: fancy contours :v   Mon 28 Apr - 15:07

hey! im new here... im willing to start a project with the engine, and i wonder one thing...

my project is probably going to require many models at the same time on the screen, so i'm going for a graphical language that relies on super low-poly models with fancy textures...

this is the beginning of a cow for instance: (86 polies and still to be squished)

i wonder if there's a way to apply a contour shader in this engine, cos we're going for a cartoonish look.
like this:

thanks in advance Smile

edit: in this case the contours would only be applied at the outer borderline of each model, not in the internal edges, since the polycount is low
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PostSubject: Re: fancy contours :v   Fri 4 Jul - 17:46

This is nice. keep it up  Smile 
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fancy contours :v
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