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 Status of Server Load Balancing

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PostSubject: Status of Server Load Balancing   Mon 7 Jul - 12:27

So sometime ago I remember reading that the load balancing features talked about on the wiki... The ability to host multiple World Plugin Servers and have the Zones balanced across them wasn't yet finished. They never got that completely working before they ran into financial issues. Is that true and if so what is the current Status on those features. Is it something some one is currently working on finishing?
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PostSubject: Re: Status of Server Load Balancing   Mon 7 Jul - 18:00

Hey James,

I think this is already supported and discussed previously. Anyway, you can check out the wiki again:

If you also look at world manager, there's some settings pertaining to quad tree which is related to load-balancing.

Quote :
The server breaks up the world using a quad tree. You can set configuration options which controls when the quad tree gets divided. The server can off-load a quad tree node onto another server. All objects on the server are serializable, both to xml (when saved to the database) or into a binary data format, as is used for transferring objects to another server. A proxy server makes this transition seamless to the client machine. One and only one server can be 'in-charge' of an object at any point in time. When this load-balancing happens is based on a heuristic. Currently you can use the number of users, mobs, and objects in a quad tree area.

Hope that helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Status of Server Load Balancing   Tue 12 Aug - 2:27

Unfortunately while the server does break up the world into quad tree I do not believe the actual load balancing was implemented with respect to multiple World Plugin Managers. I know there is a WorldManagerTransferHook that will register a given MVObject to that World Manager. And it looks like there is a method to transfer objects based on world position between World Managers but I have not setup a server with multiple world managers to see if it works.
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PostSubject: Re: Status of Server Load Balancing   

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Status of Server Load Balancing
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