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 New to multiverse

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Well-Known Member

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PostSubject: New to multiverse   Mon 7 Nov - 8:43

I am Gabzo I am looking into making a social game with multiverse. I have no experience whatsoever but I have a basic understanding of html and how to insert plug ins or how to add some code to a folder. (not that difficult I know). I have a lot of ideas and I am hoping that I will be able to complete the ideas. I hope that I will be getting assistance from one of my friends I will discuss this with him but I believe I am going solo on this project. I love virtual worlds but never found a virtual word that has all that I want it to have so I decided I will try and do it myself. Hope it will work. Very Happy (I am willing to spend years on this it's more for fun than anything else.)
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PostSubject: Re: New to multiverse   Mon 7 Nov - 9:15

Hi Gabzo Smile

First of all, welcome to the Multiverse Forum!

The Multiverse Platform is relatively easy to learn, as long as you at least have a basic understanding of Java (for server programming - aka Jython) and Iron Python.
I myself was a complete newbie to MMO development, and I have a very limited knowledge of game programming - I used to work on projects as a 3D modeller and voice actor, but like yourself, I decided to start something off myself.
You'd think that as the Admin, I would be very experienced, published a few games etc, but I'm really not! I just took it upon myself to get Multiverse back up and running, so am more of a Project Manager. study

So, anyone can start off with Multiverse, and there is plenty of useful information on the Wiki that you can use to start learning the basics.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and good luck with your project(s)!

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New to multiverse
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