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 What modelling application do you use?

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PostSubject: What modelling application do you use?   Fri 11 Nov - 5:06

Hi guys,

I'm just adding some more tutorials to the Wiki for the modelling section, and was wondering what the popular modelling programs were amongst the developers?

Originally, I used GMax (a free version of 3DS Max from years ago) and then finally moved onto 3DS Max.
Now, I can't afford to splash out on a genuine copy of 3DS Max silent so I've decided to start learning Blender. I've always heard that it's amazing, easy, free etc, but never really got to grips with the interface.
However, after many tutorials and videos, I've got to grips with it (relying heavily on hotkeys), and I'm beginning to create some cool stuff.

So, what do you use, and why?

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Head of Platform Development

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PostSubject: Re: What modelling application do you use?   Fri 11 Nov - 13:08

I use maya...mostly because I was invited to some free lectures by a local Maya seller. And because it was pretty easy to export to multiverse. Al thought I think that it is easier to export from Max
since I had to write some custom mel scripts to make it easier to export (mostly naming conventions) And sockets are a pain in the butt to export from Maya.
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Felix Kütt

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PostSubject: Re: What modelling application do you use?   Sun 18 Dec - 12:38

Hello, you can probably guess my name by reading the username, and I've been using blender since '04.

Why, because it's awesome & I love it! king

And it costs me nothing, although I do have supported some of the blender institute's projects financially.
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AWM Mars
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Well-Known Member

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PostSubject: Re: What modelling application do you use?   Sat 10 Mar - 1:38

I mainly use DeleD the full version became free around a year ago. Personally I find it easy to use and get started. It comes with a plugin exporter straight into Multiverse, which is handy.

I also use 3DMax, albeit, once I created the basic model in DeleD, then transfer it to 3DMax for exporting and lightmapping application. However, as I can go directly into Multiverse from DeleD, I have sidestepped this part of my workflow.
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PostSubject: Re: What modelling application do you use?   

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What modelling application do you use?
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