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 What would you like to read about?

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PostSubject: What would you like to read about?   Fri 9 Dec - 10:46

Hello everyone,

As one of the many things we intend to have as a feature of the new Multiverse Developer Community, I was thinking about the Developer Newsletter that Multiverse used to do, in the forums.

If we were to start writing newsletters, what kind of things would you like to read about?

I've had a few ideas, tell me what you think:

  • Featured Projects
  • Featured 3rd Party Tool Review
  • Tutorials
  • User-submitted Tips and Tricks
  • Multiverse Marketplace - featured products, sales, updates etc
  • Open Source Progress
  • The Multiverse Demo World Progress/Updates
  • Other general news from the Multiverse Community i.e. recent birthdays, big events, that kind of stuff
  • Some kind of monthly competition

So, what do people think? Anything you'd particularly like to see in the newsletter?


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What would you like to read about?
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