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 Qustion!! to Multiverse

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Qustion!! to Multiverse Empty
PostSubject: Qustion!! to Multiverse   Qustion!! to Multiverse EmptyThu 19 Jan - 4:56

other engines tested good and which are good but I would try the multiverse but I surguieron barias perome questions can help me with it ....

I see the project continues but this time happens to be freely ...

my question is the multiverse generates a client for platadormas or is it just the browser that you have publicity = (??? tanbien and seen some forum and it would be good to involve the community Spanohablante because I did not get along very well with the English to say for now ^ ^

and a recommendation acer one package proved necessary to use all tanbien multiverse would be nice to "put into a single compressed package the libraries and tools SQL Java and recomand others to make it easier to choose all the resources ... without nesecidad of mill vicit download and try things that one would de = (well it's just an opinion grax for your time ^ ^ and good luck to this forum nase = D
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Qustion!! to Multiverse Empty
PostSubject: Re: Qustion!! to Multiverse   Qustion!! to Multiverse EmptySat 21 Jan - 2:54

This is a Spanish/English post. Scroll down for English. Thank you Google translate !


Gracias por acompañarnos. Esperemos que se sienta como en casa aquí, aunque la mayoría de los de uso de hablar / tipo Inglés.

Esperemos que esto responde a sus preguntas.

Desde que el proyecto es de código abierto no es necesario para que su mundo publicada en el navegador del mundo Multiverso, ni utilizar el servidor maestro. Usted puede configurar su propio sistema y con absoluta independencia. Sin embargo, la Fundación dispondrá de un servidor Multiverso máster oficial y explorador del mundo que puede hacer que su mundo disponibles pulg Esto vendrá con algunos de los beneficios también.

Sí, una comunidad de habla española sería genial. ¿Quieres llevar eso?

Somos muy conscientes de la actual "barrera de entrada" y va a trabajar en que en los próximos meses. Tristan vamos a poner, un paquete de principiantes MMO para facilitar a los desarrolladores principiantes Multiverso.

Shane C Fischer
Director de la Fundación para el Desarrollo
La Fundación para el Software Multiverso


Thank you for joining. Hopefully you feel at home here even though most all of use speak/type English.

Hopefully this answers your questions.

Since the project is now open source it is not required to have your world published in the Multiverse world browser, nor to use the Master server. You can setup your own system and be completely independent. However, the Foundation will have an official Multiverse master server and world browser that you can have your world available in. This will come with some benefits as well.

Yes a Spanish speaking community would be great. Do you want to lead that ?

We are very aware of the current "barrier to entry" and will be working on that over the next several months. Tristan will be putting together an MMO Beginners pack to make it easier for beginning Multiverse developers.

Shane C Fischer
Director of Foundation Development
The Multiverse Software Foundation

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Qustion!! to Multiverse
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