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PostSubject: stop-multiverse.bat   stop-multiverse.bat EmptyFri 27 Apr - 19:24

I'm running Windows 7 (Home Premium x64) and stop-multiverse.bat doesn't work because tskill doesn't exist. Taskkill does, and it does the trick with slightly different syntax (taskkill /PID %pid% /F). Here's how I modified the file to work for stopping services on Win7:

@echo off

:: Check that script is being run from mv_home\bin
if not defined MV_HOME (
  echo MV_HOME is not defined, using relative paths
  if exist .\start-multiverse.bat (
    set MV_HOME=..
  ) else (
    echo Batch script must be run from MV_HOME\bin directory!

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\combat.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\combat.bat
echo Stopping combat server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\instance.bat (
 call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\instance.bat
echo Stopping instance server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\login_manager.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\login_manager.bat
echo Stopping login mangaer server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\mobserver.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\mobserver.bat
echo Stopping mob server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\objmgr.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\objmgr.bat
echo Stopping object manager server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\proxy_1.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\proxy_1.bat
echo Stopping proxy server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\startup.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\startup.bat
echo Stopping startup monitor server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\voiceserver.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\voiceserver.bat
echo Stopping voice server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\wmgr_1.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\wmgr_1.bat
echo Stopping world manager server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F

if exist run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\combat.bat (
  call run\%MV_WORLDNAME%\domain.bat
echo Stopping message domain server process ID %pid%
taskkill /PID %pid% /F


I tried this on my Windows XP Pro machine and it worked because that box has both taskkill and tskill commands. I don't know what non-pro has or what Vista has, but taskkill might be supported on more systems. Feel free to use or not use my modifications as you see fit. Smile
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