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 Source Code Info on Wiki

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PostSubject: Source Code Info on Wiki   Source Code Info on Wiki EmptyMon 28 May - 11:39

Over the past few weeks I've been tinkering a bit with the MV source code. It was a bit tough finding some things at first and some of the project files needed a bit of love to build on the first try without complaining about dependencies in a clean svn checkout.

I started this page on the wiki meant to contain info about working with the source:


Feel free to add more info, it's fairly sparse at the moment, especially lacking in the Java area since I haven't really looked at that source yet. Smile
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Source Code Info on Wiki Empty
PostSubject: Re: Source Code Info on Wiki   Source Code Info on Wiki EmptyTue 29 May - 0:53

Hey Xangis,

I've been away (From Multiverse) for the past week or so, due to some unforeseen academic circumstances and therefore haven't been in contact with people. I've had notifications of your work on the source code, so I'm vaguely aware of what's been happening - thank you for your help, as ever.

You emailed me about a week(?) ago, regarding the Terrain Editor tools in the source code (or rather, the lack of) - I am not sure where it is, or whether it was even included in the source by Bill back in October. I will send him an email sometime this week and see if he knows anything about it.
Jeremy Stratton (jstratt) seems pretty impressed with it at the moment, and I've had a play around myself - it is a great piece of software. If we can get hold of the source code, that would be brilliant, as we could then be ahead of the game, instead of trying change the World Editor.
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Source Code Info on Wiki
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