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 Terrain Generator Crashes PC?

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Terrain Generator Crashes PC? Empty
PostSubject: Terrain Generator Crashes PC?   Terrain Generator Crashes PC? EmptySat 4 Aug - 5:21

Good Day

I used my Terrain Generator for the First time... and this happend.


I mean i have a Strong PC

Terrain Generator Crashes PC? 123510

I have a CoreI7
and alle drivers are updated.

So Any other reason why its not working?
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Terrain Generator Crashes PC? Empty
PostSubject: Does it happen every time?   Terrain Generator Crashes PC? EmptySat 4 Aug - 15:00

Does it happen every time or with any other tools?
Maybe check out Xangis' tools build:

The tools are the thing that worked out of the box for me
and I'm do all my dev and game playing on an older box with XP
and a GT220 gpu.

Sometimes as complex as things are it just happens.

I had an issue with an older Nvidia card that just started causing BSOD
under WinXP while playing FFXI after one of the updates... and only in certain zones!

Cleaning the drivers and reinstalling the latest, then cleaning again and rolling
back to an older driver made no difference.

Every other app, Lightwave, Flash Pro CS5, Visual Studio, around 5 other games,
Ogre development and dozens of smaller apps all ran fine. Only FFXI had the issue!

I replaced my video card and the problem disappeared. The older card is working just
fine in another box used primarily for playing Minecraft. Very Happy

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Terrain Generator Crashes PC?
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