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PostSubject: Make the GAME   Make the GAME EmptySun 9 Sep - 3:09

Eric over at has imho a realistic approach re: developing MMOs.
From about us
"Eric has over a decade of experience as a Senior and Lead Engineer on such products as Asheron’s Call 2 as well as being Producer for AC2. In addition, he has impressive credentials as an MMO systems designer, most recently for the upcoming MMO Star Trek Online. "

Here's one post by Eric over at Among other things he explores the use of middleware etc. for an MMO.

"And if I plug realistic timelines into a realistic engineering schedule, it appears that two or three engineers
working half-time on an MMO will never ever finish it if they have to develop the server tech themselves (or the client tech, or the tools pipeline, but those are a different post). "


Multiverse has plenty of inefficiencies, bugs, graphics challenges etc. It could use improvement.

Most of the systems and most of the tools are already there however.

It takes tons of time and resources to develop this stuff and most of it is already done for you.

We could all spend from now until World of Warcraft 3 comes out developing and "improving" tech for Multiverse. We could add in megatexturing, port to IOS, Android, PS3, realtime raytracing, voxel terrain, the list is almost endless.

The next 3 or 4 years could go by and there will still be improvements "needed" or tech that could be added to Multiverse. It's (quite obviously) related to things like "feature creep" or "scope creep". Related in a tertiary sort of way to "design by committee".

Spending tons of development time constantly adding in the next great feature kind of defeats the purpose of using middleware to begin with.

If you're developing a game at some point you have to cut it off and actually make the game.

...or in Eric's words above you will "never ever finish it"

Just my two cents Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Make the GAME   Make the GAME EmptyMon 10 Sep - 2:35

Multiverse is a community plattform, i think many who use this plattform know that there could be improvment in many areas, the question is what from this is really needed?

A good game can be made with multiverse as it is. If you cut off the super fancy grafics.
The rest depends on the skill of the programmer/team who/which uses it.
A good game comes from Game mechanik not from fancy grafics look at minecraft. This game uses 8-Bit colors (256 colors) and half meter blocks to generate a world.

This is just my opinion.

Maybe some off us who are good at programming in one or more off the needed languages could help.
I noticed that the contact formular doesen't work maybe if this would be fixed some could help.
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Make the GAME
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