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 Critical Collapse

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PostSubject: Critical Collapse   Critical Collapse EmptySun 23 Sep - 12:28

Hello every body.

This request is in a way an attempt to recruit help, and of course the question is "What kind of help?"

First let me give you a little insight into the project.
1. The main factor is that the game (project) is open source.
2. The basis of the game (project) is an attempt to solve World problems;
2a. Problems of the first type are of human origin.
2b. Problems of the second type are from either natural events on the Earth of from external natural threats.
3. The project (in a prototype form) is using at this time the Vassal Game Engine (would like to start planning for Multiverse) details can be found here Critical Collapse
4. It is a project that will always be in a state of modification.
5. A game like this requires a lot of research "duh!" but this is how we learn what we face and how we find possible solutions.

So, what kind of help is really needed? All the help in the World, at least that is the goal Very Happy
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Critical Collapse
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