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 Solar Online

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PostSubject: Solar Online   Solar Online EmptyThu 17 Jan - 17:14

Hello my name is Sky D. Copeland and I'm the president of traditional game development company Fishagon. We're starting our break into the Online world with an extensive full force MMO that we will put our souls into to the full extent. It seems this is the best open source engine we could and we have moved forward with it.

Currently we have multiple developers on the team, but only one coder who has good experience in Java and Python, not so much as XML. We also have servers to run our worlds on with plenty of room for extensive expansions of the game map and content.

So we are looking for more developers with hardcoding experience in Java, Python, and XML as well as experience with getting Multiverse engine to work. We have found that right off the back the engine isn't working. We're trying to fix it, but with just getting into this engine we would love for an experienced Multiverse designer to join our team.

We are making an MMO by MMO players for MMO players. It will be free to play and no pay to win advantage.

Will feature Guilds, PvP, Open World, Dungeons, 24 Classes, Extensive Skills, Pets, Mounts, Guild Wars, Economy, Card System (Very unique), and much more!!!

Interested? Add me on skype (sethreaper) or email us at fishagon@yahoo.com, but of course you can ask questions and such here on this thread as well!
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Solar Online
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