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 Client problem

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PostSubject: Client problem   Client problem EmptyThu 18 Apr - 8:30

Hi well i ran the clients install exe from the platform tutorial getting started but it only displays a message saying:"Platform tutorial for instructions about setting up your own server and create your very won virtual world". That's all i get i tried reinstalling no effect. I already turned off my firewaal no effect either. This might be a very stupid question but the wiki didn't anwser me so i figured i would come to you guys. I don't get it what am i supposed to do now?
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PostSubject: Re: Client problem   Client problem EmptyThu 18 Apr - 8:46

welcome to the forums michielerr

yes indeed,
the client install will only install the client side, right now i am working on getting the demo world up and running so new users like you can experience and demoing the platform, so for now, as the instructions said in the wiki, you will need to setup your own server locally so the client can connect to.

just follow the instructions on the getting started wiki page, there is a link there to download the server files so you can run it locally to test connect your client.

make sure to read all the page , and download all required software described there to run the server.


once you get all that setup and if you have any issue with a step, feel free to post here so someone of us can help out.

but first is first, read the getting started wiki page, over and over so you know whats going on.

once you become more acquainted with the setup, you can start building your own server from source etc....

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Client problem
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