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 Texturing Tip

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PostSubject: Texturing Tip   Texturing Tip EmptyFri 7 Jun - 7:22

After a few days of smashing my head into a wall lol here is Something very important I figured out about texturing your static meshes like buildings and what not. I dont know what pipeline everyone else uses but this is what works for me: Original mesh build in 3dsmax 2012 INCLUDING COLLISION VOLUMES--->export as wavefront .obj--->import into deled using the wavefront .obj plugin--->add textures and "paint" your collision volumes with a texture named "collision" ---> export to multiverse asset repo using the multiverse plugin for deled ( yes, someone aculy made one that works ) then from there fireup world editor and add your geometry to your MVW file ( im still just using sampleworld.mvw ).

NOW , the important bit I mentioned erlyer is that you can NOT have any spaces in your texture file names I.E. Texture a.jpg <---will not show up in the engine , where as Texturea.jpg OR Texture_A.jpg will.

SO if you end up with a half white mesh in the model viewer or all white with none of your textures showing up, check your file names for your textures Cool this is most likely the issue.
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PostSubject: Re: Texturing Tip   Texturing Tip EmptySat 8 Jun - 5:38

also I dont think that the patch file retriever handles whitespace so it wont be distributed either that or the webserver we used did not I dont remember which.
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Texturing Tip
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