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 Unable to connect to demo server

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Sir Chandis Kover
Sir Chandis Kover

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Unable to connect to demo server Empty
PostSubject: Unable to connect to demo server   Unable to connect to demo server EmptySat 2 Aug - 18:35

multiverseclient.exe --master

results in:

navigation to the webpage was cancelled

client log:
INFO [2014-08-02 02:26:08,916] articleSystemManager Particle Affector type 'Rotator' registered.
INFO [2014-08-02 02:26:08,916] Axiom Loaded plugin Axiom.ParticleFX.ParticleFX from Axiom Particle Systems Plugin
INFO [2014-08-02 02:26:08,917] Axiom Loaded plugin Axiom.RenderSystems.DirectX9.Plugin from Axiom DirectX 9 Rendering System
INFO [2014-08-02 02:26:08,919] Axiom Loaded plugin Axiom.SceneManagers.Multiverse.MultiverseSceneManagerPlugin from Multiverse SceneManager Plugin
INFO [2014-08-02 02:26:11,762] MultiverseClient Exiting client
INFO [2014-08-02 02:26:11,773] Client Started call to Client.Dispose()

multiverseclient.exe --master --login_url

results in a login page, but guest/guest does nothing - login button stays down for a short time, but nothing else happens.
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Unable to connect to demo server
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