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 Hallo from Idaho.....

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Hallo from Idaho..... Empty
PostSubject: Hallo from Idaho.....   Hallo from Idaho..... EmptyTue 22 Mar - 5:10

I downloaded Multiverse a few days ago, then signed up for this and another forum or two to try to learn how to run the Multiverse.

I gave up after being unable to get anywhere and downloaded Panda3d and I have been using that, they have an active forum and I can get the Panda3D software to actually work unlike the Multiverse.  The Panda has been cool, I have made a couple very simple games, but I am finding that they are not able to keep up to date with tutorials and that nearly nothing in the tutorials will work with my newer versions of Panda and Python.  I have started a page to show others with newer system code for using sound and what not, but in the end I will have to reinvent the wheel blind folded with my hands tied behind my back to use Panda3d to create a game.

I thought about just simply programming in Python 3.5, but I cannot find much on the Python 3.5, lots and lots of info and tutorials on Python 2 but Python 3 not so much....

So I am back where I started a few days ago at the multiverse engine.....

I have everything installed, from Python 3.5 to the latest version of Multiverse but when I click on the multiverse icon absolutely nothing.

I have found some places where it says that things need to be changed in command to get Multiverse to run, anyone have any tricks or know how of a specific nature to get this program to run?

I am running it for now on my old PC with win 7Home premium(6.1, Build 7601) service pack 1.  It is an HP Pavilion with  Pentium (R)  Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.6GHz--2.6GHz ...  RAM,, 6.144 GB... 64-bit operating system..  500 GB hard drive...

DXDIAG.....    Direct x 11, ....  Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset....  Intel GMA  3100."drivers"- igdum64.dll and igdumdx32..  DDI Version 9Ex...  Driver Model: WDDM 1.0 ...  256 MB dedicated video memory...Direct draw Acceleration) enabled....  Dierct3D acceleration) enabled....  AGP Texture Acceleration...  Enabled

Can anybody point me in the direction of something that will get the multiverse program to actually run, or to another comparable software that will run when installed...

From the look of this forum it pretty much died years ago, so I am likely wasting my time, but what the heck worth a try I guess...
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Hallo from Idaho.....
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