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 Dev Tools Posting Rules

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Dev Tools Posting Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Dev Tools Posting Rules    Dev Tools Posting Rules  EmptyMon 12 Dec - 9:07

Hi everyone,

In order to make things a bit more organised, I'm introducing some rules/style guides which I would appreciate you using, when posting in the Developer Tools Section.

  • Topic Title - Please put the name of the tool (or tools) that you are talking about at the start of the title, in square brackets. e.g. [World Editor], or if the post is about more than one tool - [World Editor and Asset Importer].

  • If the tool you are talking about is an external program (not made by Multiverse, and not part of the Developers Toolkit), please ensure you write the name of that program, to ensure: 1, people know the tool, and can help you with it and 2, someone looking for help via search can find the post easily. For example - [L3DT] or [Blender]


(List will be added to as time goes on, so this is not an indefinite rules list.)
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Dev Tools Posting Rules
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