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 A Christmas Message from the Open Source Team

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A Christmas Message from the Open Source Team Empty
PostSubject: A Christmas Message from the Open Source Team   A Christmas Message from the Open Source Team EmptySat 24 Dec - 22:45

Dear All,

This past year has been an interesting one, with the release of the source code to the community being the most obvious landmark!

This 'year' has been rather short, given that the source code was only released a few months ago. However discussions had been going on between myself and Multiverse CEO Bill Turpin since mid July, with regards to the release of the source code, which open source license to use, and the creation of a short-term roadmap.

The main item of this roadmap was to begin toning down the reliance of developers on the Master Servers - the first things is that developers will not need to connect to the Master Server to test their game- Delurin has been slaving away at this, and he tells me it will be complete fairly soon.

Eventually, we hope to add the possibility of testing a your current project right in the World Editor screen. However, that's a long way off yet, as there are lots of basic issues and bugs we need to sort out, before we start making massive changes!

Delurin, Shane and myself are currently working hard to get things moving with the source code, developer tools, website, forums, Wiki and even the upcoming marketplace, and we are making sure the changes we make are for the best.

It's been very motivating seeing some of the old developers come back to the community, and it's also been great to see new members join from all walks of life, with their own ideas to make the best MMO ever!

In related news, we are currently considering setting up a Multiverse Foundation, which will bring a wide range of benefits to both the development of the Platform, and to you as the community. We'll keep you updated once things start moving with that.

Starting next year (only a few weeks!), I will be writing a monthly newsletter called "The Multiverse Newsletter" to let you know how everything is going, what we are working on, an so on. If there are lots of things going on, and there is enough to talk about, I may do it twice a month. That remains to be seen.

Finally, I would like to give a big thank you to Shane (scfischer7) and Jono (delurin. These guys are the programmers for the Team, and none of this would have possible without them. I don't have anywhere near the knowledge of programming these guys have, and I'm really grateful to the both of them for joining the team, and for what they have done so far. Thanks guys!

We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tristan Bacon
Multiverse Open Source Coordinator
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A Christmas Message from the Open Source Team
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