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 Hello from the tandune family

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Hello from the tandune family Empty
PostSubject: Hello from the tandune family   Hello from the tandune family EmptyThu 5 Jan - 18:22

About time I have my introduction, better late than never...

I am a Network Administrator that has been into computers since the first IMB 8080 and the System 36 came out. This should tell you a little bit about my age (older than dirt). I have all ways toyed with the idea of making my own MMO and followed the development of game engines best I could. When I fist came across Multiverse I was slobbering, well that was until the spammers took over the forum and I saw a piece of tumble weed blow by there site.

I eat, live and breath computers and have a home network that is bigger than most businesses. When you look up geek in the dictionary there is a pic of me. And yes I do own about ½ the stuff they sell at think geek. This is OK, my family loves this. I have 5 kids and they are all into computers (you have to be in this house). Even my 3yr knows how to play MMORPG even know he has a hard time with the quest. I am a big time family man and would do any thing for them and they are a part of every project we do.

Last year on 1/1/11 my better ½ and I had a long talk and decided that we would go for it. Going into it with our eyes wide open knowing that it was a pipe dream and probably the most we will get out of it is some fun we plunked down a good amount of cash on Tourqe 3d, software, hardware and some art for our project.

Well it has been a year now and Torque 3D has never gotten networking support for a Mmo and coding one was proving to be near impossible. When I found out that Multiverse was going open I about fell over. For the first time in a log time I feel that it will be possible for us to make head way. It took everything in me not to just grab a server and start ripping into the software. I want to do this right and save me some issues down the road that I ran in to with others helping me with Torque3d. So I am documenting EVERYTHING!

We have a site tandune_com that I will be posting our progress on (just put it up tonight so there is not much there). So if there is any documents that you want to cut and past over here feel free or even link to it is fine. FYI: My docs are long but there are lots of screen shoots. Any how I need to get some sleep I have work tomorrow.

I can not wait to see what others are working on and to see Multiverse grow to what it should be.
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Hello from the tandune family
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