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 My quick Intro!

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Foundation Developer

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My quick Intro! Empty
PostSubject: My quick Intro!   My quick Intro! EmptyMon 16 Jan - 5:58

Hello all! As my forum name suggest my name is James Proctor. I have been programming for going on 7 years or so and have been following Multiverse for pretty close to that same amount of time. As of yesterday I am now the newest official member of the Multiverse Foundation and will be working on a number of different projects both on the engine as well as helping Tristan with website related activities.

When I am not working on Multiverse I am the Lead Technical person for my Church and handle the Church's website, sound system, Computers, Network, Social Media related activities, ect.

Programming Languages that I know or have started learning include Python, C#, C++, Java, Lua, and web based languages HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, and some AJax.

I am looking forward to many productive and fun filled years with the foundation!
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My quick Intro! Empty
PostSubject: Re: My quick Intro!   My quick Intro! EmptyThu 10 Jul - 9:34

Hello. I am the same person as RoH_JamesProctor just this is me a couple years later and alot has changed since then.

I now work for a Indie Startup company. Our Company is registered in Ohio however since then our Owner relocated out side of Ohio. We consist of members from around the world and with varying levels of experience in the Gaming Industry.

One of our World Designers worked for Crytek on one of the crysis games as a level designer. Other members have worked strictly as Indies and are known in their respected fields.

Our Project was kickstarted on Kickstarter and we more then tripled our goal. However after a couple years of bad luck with several Unity based Frameworks for MMOs we are dedicated to going strictly with Opensource products so we have full control over our engine and tools.

Once we have officially announced this change I will be back with plenty more updates on our game.
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Head of Platform Development

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My quick Intro! Empty
PostSubject: Re: My quick Intro!   My quick Intro! EmptyTue 12 Aug - 2:30

Glad to have you back I am also returning from time away. I am curious what unity frameworks you tried out?
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My quick Intro! Empty
PostSubject: Re: My quick Intro!   My quick Intro! Empty

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My quick Intro!
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