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 Need a good name generator? Here you go!

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Need a good name generator? Here you go! Empty
PostSubject: Need a good name generator? Here you go!   Need a good name generator? Here you go! EmptySun 22 Jan - 0:54

I was looking for a good generator to add to the MMO Beginner's Pack that we're working on (more on that later), and found this rather useful website.


Here you'll find a collection of 'generators' that make random names for characters, mythical creatures, ships, kingdoms, planets, magic spells, and even futuristic government names.

It really is a great resource for those who need help naming particular characters, or coming up with monster names, or even names for special weapons. (I've just generated a weapon name called "Infolance" - sometimes there are some really odd results, but there are also some great ones.

What is also really interesting is their Bookspinner section. This generates very random book titles, with humorous ones like "Unexpected Similarities in the Hunting Habits of the Satyr and the Gorgon" and "Common Superstitions Regarding The Sex Life of The Sea Serpent"
However, there are some more realistic titles, such as "The Lance and Broadsword: An Extensive Tutorial on Covert Use" and "A Catalogue of Remedial Magical Art" generated.

The interesting thing about this particular generator, apart from the odd results, is that you can select an option that generates a sort of description on the quality of the books information, and additional items that can be found inside the book.
Here's an example:

Daggers and Shivs: A New Legendary History

 - This book is clear mostly due to the excellent, well-planned chapters. A small study will show it has a lot useful information.
 - Examining the book, one will find: Bookmarks marking informative information. Pieces of paper with notes, in a recognizable, but foreign language, commenting critically on related elements in the book.

As I said before, there are lots of different generators on there, and I would highly recommend using them, especially if you're aiming to make an in-depth fantasy RPG.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get the source code for it, so it can be included in the MMO Beginner's Guide.

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Need a good name generator? Here you go!
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